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Vehicle Detailing in Lancaster, Morecambe and the Surrounding Areas.

Here at Diamond Finish Auto Detailing we provide a range of services and finishes to the best quality standard. Depending on preference and what outcome is desired, we provide a professional service to suit any requirements.


We provide a range of services that suit the needs of vehicles and take pride in producing the best quality finish in every aspect of our work. As approved resellers of: EZ car care, Valet-Pro, Chemical Guys, Wax Planet and many more, our products are of the best quality to aid us in the perfect finish. Stock is available both online and in our in house shop. Our staff are always at hand to help answers any questions or queries you may have or you can visit our contact us page for more information.

We Offer Quality Services


Our valets range from standard interior valets through to deep cleaning processes that would include seat removal. We cover those hard to reach spots to make sure every inch of your car is to of perfect standard both inside and out. The removal process of bad odours in car is no problem to us, we ensure your vehicle is delivered or collected with the freshest smelling scents to perfect that wonderful driving experience.

Paint Correction

This package aims to remove 85-95% of defects within paintwork. Elements such as swirling, holograms & light scratches are removed from the vehicle. This process allows the paintwork of the vehicle to be restored to create that showroom finish that everyone loves to see. This service is valued in reference to the condition and size of the vehicle.

Paint Enhancement

The paint enhancement process aims to remove 50-60% of defects within the paint. This is a light machine polish that produces a gloss based finish. This service is valued in reference to the condition and size of the vehicle.

Ceramic Coating – Paint Protection

Ceramic coating is the latest technology in paint protection. Our ceramics are made up of Gtechniq, Gyeon Quartz and Car Pro. These range from a 12 month, 3 year and 5 year lifespan. To ensure to gain the full potential from this package, it is vital to ensure the correct washing process in undertaken. This is service we can provide or we can inform you upon. This service is valued in reference to the condition and size of the vehicle.